PIECE OF CAKE BAKERY genuinely cares about your specific dietary needs.
Most of our fantastic desserts can be made vegan, gluten free, or sugar free!


Chantilly - The Ultimate Chocolate Cake!

Vegan and wheat-free, made with organic spelt flour! A special version of our most popular chocolate cake, iced in vegan white frosting with a fudge lace pattern.

Scarlet Red Velvet Chip

Our version of the classic and the best cake anywhere! Moist ruby colored cake with vegan chocolate chips and vegan white icing.

Chocolate Mocha Decadence

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy textMoist vegan chocolate cake filled and iced with mocha frosting and drizzled with chocolate ganache.

German Chocolate

Our version of a classic: Chocolate cake with fudge frosting, generously topped with almonds, coconut, and brown sugar, then sided with almonds and coconut. Yum!

Triple Fudge

Layers of rich chocolate cake iced in chocolate fudge frosting and topped with dripping vegan ganache.

Black Forest

Another variation on a traditional favorite: Vegan chocolate cake topped with cherries, iced in chocolate fudge frosting.

Chocolate Peanut Joy

Vegan chocolate cake iced in chocolate fudge frosting with peanut butter.

Lemon Coconut Supreme

A wonderful lemon cake with coconut and fresh lemons, iced in vegan white frosting and sided with toasted coconut.

Mah-velous Carrot Cake

Wonderfully spiced carrot cake moistened with pineapple, iced in vegan white frosting with mini carrots on top. Our carrot cake has no nuts, coconut, or raisins.

Irish Oatmeal

Perfect homemade oatmeal spice cake topped with a mixture of coconut, almonds, and brown sugar. Iced in vegan white frosting.

Cranberry Orange Ginger

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy textCranberry cake with fresh-squeezed orange juice, walnuts, ginger, and orange zest in every bite. With vegan white frosting, crowned with cranberry icing.

Red Hot Chocolate

We make Red Hot icing that is wonderful on our vegan chocolate cake. Enjoy the refreshing cinnamon zing!

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