Mexican Vanilla Cheesecake

Piece of Cake’s original cheesecake, flavored with real vanilla! Available with the following toppings: Smooth sour cream, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, or marionberry.

Chocolate Marble Cheesecake

One of our prettiest cheesecakes. Half chocolate and half vanilla with a beautiful marbled sour cream topping.

Cherry Strawberry Marionberry Cheesecake

Our rich cheesecake enhanced with cherry, strawberry, and marionberry.

Kahlua Cheesecake

Flavored with fine coffee liqueur and crowned with a rich coffee sour cream topping.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

A seasonal treat! A hint of rum gives the warm flavors of this cheesecake an extra kick.

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Voted “Best Cheesecake of the Year"!

Apple Marionberry Pie (Vegan)

Marilyn’s Favorite!! A shortbread crust made in a spring form pan, layered with fresh apples, topped with fresh fruit, and crowned with streusel. Also available as a mini pie! Yum!

Chocolate Walnut Torte

A super dense and rich chocolate torte filled with walnut halves, flavored with vanilla and Puerto Rican rum. Finished with a smooth chocolate ganache.

Walnut Praline Torte (Vegan / Wheat-Free / Organic)

An oatmeal cookie crust filled with toasted nuts, coated with rich praline walnut filling, and topped with a chocolate lattice.

Marionberry Torte

Our buttery pound cake cookie topped with a rich berry mousse. Whole marionberries suspended throughout, topped with whipped cream.

Triple Mousse Torte

Award Winning! Dense chocolate cake iced and split with chocolate mousse. 

Key Lime Pie

Another classic reinvented! Graham cracker crust topped with a tart-sweet lime cream, finished with whipped cream.

Award Winning!

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